Top Bar Hive Beekeeping

When you begin a beekeeping company, probably the most essential items you can find could be the hive. More bee keepers in the United States never ever also consider the Top club Hive. But this can be soon changing, since this hive actually since tough to manage by bee keepers. If you’re starting a bee maintaining business, or a little hobby of bee maintaining you then need really think in regards to the top bar hive, and these are the explanations why.

Numerous beekeepers need top hive beekeeping methods as their best process, since they become they become maximum honey through the top bar beehive. Contrary to many philosophy the very best club beehive is certainly not brand-new, in fact, they goes toward seventeenth century.

But, top club hive beekeeping was mastered in 1960´s in Kenya, Africa, and it is nicknamed the Kenya hive. Its a simple design, and is inexpensive to preserve, for this reason , it really is found in many creating nations, although, recently it has in addition become noticed by evolved region, such as the usa.

-The building associated with Top club Hive-

The top bar hive is preferred because it is simple and has only a couple of equipment. Its made of the hive field, and only 20 to 30 structures or bars. The bees create their very own comb, therefore you can forget structures are expected, in addition to top pubs become used again following the honey are applied for.

-The most practical way-

Actually tests also show your top bar hive is the healthy option for bees. You don’t need to disassemble the entire package to steadfastly keep up the bees. Therefore your bees will not be as invaded.


When you use a high bar hive, the honey harvesting normally convenient, because all you have to do is remove the bars that have honeycomb, that is a shorter time ingesting and simpler for you as it is regarding the bees.

Another benefit toward top bar hive is you get more beeswax, and do not wanted an uncapping blade or extractor, which helps you save lots of money. Using this kind of beehive you don’t have to use cigarette means and most beekeepers that use this technique never even put safety clothes, although if you should be newer at the techniques, it’s advocated which you do.

-Longer Bee lives-

The top bar hive in addition promotes better living circumstances when it comes to bees, and tends to make a very good colony, that’s better in a position to combat of ailments. This will fundamentally save you a bunch of money on drugs.

-The Disadvantages-

really the only difficulties utilizing the top club hive is the fact that it isn’t created for greatest honey production. However if you are a small beekeeper a couple of pounds less of honey is well worth the ease of upkeep. This will be a hive that really needs to be considered, talked-about, and examined, before rejecting they.

Ideally this short article provide you with a simple breakdown of the utmost effective club hive in beekeeping. As soon as you enter beekeeping, you are going to understand why thousands upon 1000s of faithful beekeepers love this hobby!

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