Funky Facts about Honey

Honey is created in just one of the world’s most efficient production facilities – the beehive, by a few of the most efficient staff – bees. The colour and flavor of honey is different with regards to the bees’ types of nectar. There are 22 typical flowery types of honey. Typically, light honeys need more gentle flavours compared to the darker honeys. Fructose, glucose and liquid are the major components of honey, while they in addition have more sugars, trace enzymes, nutrients, multivitamins and amino acids. It’s consists of 80percent glucose and 20percent liquid.

Did you know that:
1. European bees are successfully introduced into Tasmania in 1831 and Italian bees found its way to 1884.

2. Australian continent try a sizable producer of honey due to the environment and vegetation.

3. Australian continent’s eucalypts were loaded with honey. The honey developed has an original taste and thickness.

4. More Australian honey arises from eucalypt field, gum, stringy-bark and iron-bark tree family.

5.Australia exports half the honey it brings, specifically to Germany and the UK.

6. Honey is the just food which contains all of the crucial components needed to uphold life.

7. A beehive usually makes over 180kg of honey annually.

8. Each hive possess guards to shield the entrance. Bees have actually a unique scent that identifies all of them.

9. A colony of bees can consist of 40,000-60,000 bees during the summer season.

10. One honeybee will simply create 1/12 teaspoons of honey in her own entire life time.

11. A honey bee moves over 88,000km and visits about 2 million blossoms to make half a kilogram of honey.

12. A honeybee can travel at roughly 24km/hr.
Honeybees is herbivorous, but will cannibalise their brood if they are stressed.

13. Honeybees just live for four weeks during summer and 6 months when you look at the cold temperatures.

14. The queen bee mates for 1-2 days with as much as 17 drones. She stores the sperm from all of these matings so that she’s a very long time offer and never has to mate once more.

15.The queen bee can lay between 600-1500 egg daily during her 3-4 year lives. This everyday egg quota may equal this lady bodyweight.

16. The queen bee is consistently provided and groomed by the attendant worker bees in her own brood.

17. Honey was familiar with embalm your body of Alexander the Great.

18. Honey never ever spoils.

Honey has many medicinal characteristics. Honey speeds up the healing up process. It was put as a topical dressing on injuries for millennia, as microbes cannot reside in they. Honey contains minerals that improve muscle regeneration and stimulate the rise of the latest capillary vessel. Honey combats infection by attracting lymph off to the cells and taking in dampness. Band-aids impregnated with honey are available in pharmacies in Australian Continent and unique Zealand. It has also been always treat conditions like typhoid and pneumonia. However, honey may be dangerous, or even fatal, to a baby underneath the chronilogical age of per year since it have spores that their particular immunity just isn’t complete to take care of.

Recipe for the Day – Honey Chicken with Cashew

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1. A bit of Chicken breast
2. 100g of unsalted roasted Cashew Nuts
3. 1 little shallot/onion thinly sliced
4. 2 Tspn of Honey
5. 1 Red Capsicum
6. Some fresh Coriander for garnish
7. Salt & Pepper to taste
8 2 Tspn of Olive oil

1. Wash and dried out the chicken and slashed into small bite dimensions parts. Marinate this using honey and pepper, leave to marinate for about half an hour.

2. Deseed the red capsicum and reduce into chew size square parts.

3. Temperature your favourite preparing cooking pan for stir-fried. When it’s hot sufficient, incorporate the olive oil. If this was hot adequate incorporate the sliced up shallots/onions. Ensure you stir to make sure they are perhaps not burnt.

4. Whenever shallots/onions tend to be softened to hook brown colour include the marinated chicken. Still blend right through to make sure the chicken parts aren’t getting burned at any sides. Include sodium and additional pepper to taste if necessary.

5. Incorporate 1/2 a cup of liquids or chicken inventory and allow it simmers to cook through chicken, include somewhat even more liquid in case it is had a need to prepare using your chicken pieces.

6. Once the liquid is nearly dried out, incorporate the capsicum and cashew nuts and stir through thoroughly. Resume stirring this for the next 5 minutes and dish it up onto a serving plate. Eventually garnish this with sliced coriander. Offer it with rice or roti.

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